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Share what we wish we'd known...

David and I are teachers at heart, called to share our story along with all the skills, insight and hope 
we have gained in 26 years of marriage and over a decade of helping hundreds of couples one-on-one and 
thousands more in classes, retreats, from stage and even just talking in the grocery store line or to our food server. Marriage is our mission and bringing down divorce rates in the Church is our vision!

We would be honored to serve you, your church or organization! 
Statistics show the condition of our marriage impacts our emotional, mental and physical health! 
Happily married people miss less work and have children who come back to and stay in the Church!  

We have many impactful topics on the ready to encourage and equip as well as three 3-day Conference/Retreat programs that powerfully and practically transform Christian marriages to break from the world's statistics and 
shine for God's Purpose! We look forward to locking arms with you to 
Glorify God in Marriage!

Call TODAY to chat about how the Lord may be bringing us together in His great work of restoring and revitalizing marriage in the Church to be a City on a Hill beckoning the world and future generations to the goodness of God, His design and incredible vision for His people!

Let's get growing!
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David & Joy Parkman Teaching Samples