Married for a Purpose Reboot

2-Day Intensive Retreat

All-inclusive getaway for Christian couples to move
from feeling stuck & disconnected 
to discovering their united purpose together!


 Transform into seeing the best, believing the best and speaking the best about each other

 Gain understanding and skills to leverage and appreciate your purposeful differences

 Explore authentic ways to feel truly valued and accepted by one another

 Breakthrough to intentionally pursue unity and connection

 Discover common ground worth fighting for together

✓ Mine out YOUR Marriage Vision and Purpose


 Private 2-day all-inclusive retreat where we pamper you in our home

  Proven Process taking you through 8 domains of life to connect more deeply

 Yearlong follow-up including every other week live Coaching Calls with Q&A and

 12-month membership to a virtual series of 5-videos with workbooks for continued transformation

Signature Binder of entire process including SMART Goals for living out your Marriage Vision

Six 30-minute follow-up Zoom Coaching sessions for continued momentum

Payment Plans Available!
 revitalize our MARRIAGE!

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